Training DLM-Office TEMPUS-NETCENG National Technical University of Ukraine “KPI”

Report about the participation in the STAFF TRAINING FOR DLM INFRUSTRUCTURE AT PARTNER UNIVERSITIES at the Technical University of Berlin

Report on the participation in the doctoral summer school at the Berlin University of Technology

Summary Report on the TEMPUS project about the active execution during the period from September 1, 2015 to June 30, 2016

1. General provisions

1.1 The Statute determine the goals, objectives, functions, rights, responsibilities and activities of DLM – Office (Doctor-engineering in of Labor Market Office), organized to provide consultation and training of graduates graduate – PhD to future professional activity, taking into account labor market.

1.2 DLM-Office conducted work related to the modernization of training programs to enhance competitiveness Ph.D., promotion of employment and adaptation to the labor market. These works include consultations at the final stage or during training by bringing industry representatives and mentors and conduct the appropriate amount of lectures covering modern requirements to specialists in engineering, the state of and trends in the industry and so on. This should ensure full and painless adaptation of young specialists – scientists in terms of professional activities and develop interest in PhD in engineering in their future profession.

1.3 DLM – Office operates at the Department of aviation and space systems NTU “KPI” on a voluntary basis.

1.4 The work of the DLM – Office is governed by the Law of Ukraine “On Education”, the Law of Ukraine “On Higher Education”, legal documents of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, the Code of Ukraine labor laws, organizational, statutory and regulations of the University and this Statute.

1.5 The Statute on DLM – Office approved the university rector.

1.6 The Statute shall enter into force and effect upon signature and approval to the termination of his force.

2. The main objectives of DLM – Office

The main objective DLM – Office is a professional orientation and adaptation of university postgraduate to labor market. Working towards that goal, DLM – Office has right to work in the university on contractual basis by industry, organizations and agencies aimed at improving the education system that does not contradict the legislation of Ukraine and internal rules established by the university.

3. Basic functions DLM – Office

3.1 In order to fulfill its basic tasks DLM – Office provides:

  • An analysis of the needs of enterprises and organizations of the region in specialists who complete university postgraduate school;
  • An analysis of partnership mechanisms that have developed in the region “education – institution-region”, including for the University;
  • Conducting work with university post-graduate students in order to improve their competitiveness in the labor market through career guidance, information on trends in demand for specialists, organizing of specialized scientific research;
  • Attracting revenue from partner enterprises to courses for university post-grad students, graduates and their mentors;
  • Continuous interaction with companies and organizations in the region, regional and local administrations;
  • Interaction with structures of employment centers of region, responsible for the employment of graduates;
  • Interaction with structural units of NTUU “KPI”;
  • Conducting informational and promotional activities within international projects;

-        Propagation raising of success level of university postgraduate (timely protection of dissertations at completion of training in graduate school) as an incentive successful future employment;

  • Employment and adaptation assistance of university postgraduate according to specialty;
  • The organization of training courses postgraduate students, graduates and their mentors from business partners;

-        Forecasting and determining current and future staffing requirements and sources of satisfaction by studying the labor market, the direct links establishment with employment services and contacts with companies of similar profile;

  • Information of university post-graduated students about existing vacancy;
  • Preparing the necessary documentation for carried out scientific seminars about employment of young scientists;
  • Account and prescribed reports preparation on employability of university post-graduated students;
  • Other functions within its competence in accordance with the goals and objectives of the University.

3.2 DLM – Office has a right:

- To receive university incoming documents, and other information on their profile for review, systematic recording and using in the work;

- To communicate with other similar centers established in the partner universities;

- Request and receive from the university leadership, departments and other structural units an information, that necessary for the fulfillment of its tasks and functions;

- Make suggestions for improving the forms and methods of DLM – Office and the university as a whole to ensure the required quality of education.

4. Structure and authorities

4.1 Charge of DLM-Office relies on teacher of FASS NTUU “KPI” (volunteer).

4.2 Qualification requirements, functional responsibilities, rights and responsibilities of the head DLM – Office and its other employees are regulated by job descriptions approved by the dean.

4.3 Activities DLM – Office carried out in collaboration with the university department and within their competence with outside organizations.

4.4 During the absence of the head DLM – Office, its duties is one of the senior officials DLM – Office.

4.5 The person who administers DLM – Office has authority to sign documents that are sent on behalf of DLM – Office of the matters within its competence (excluding financial and material nature).

5. Powers of the head DLM – Office

The person who administers DLM – Office:

- Manages all activities DLM – Office, be responsible for the timely and quality performance of DLM – Office tasks and functions;

- Made management functions within the limits of their competence (planning, organization, motivation, control), decides mandatory for most workers DLM-Office;

- Distributes functional duties and individual assignments between employees DLM-Office, establishes the extent of their responsibility;

- Makes proposals for university rector about improvement of DLM-Office, functions and optimize its structure and staffing level;

- Participating in prospective and current planning of DLM – Office;

- Take the necessary steps to improve logistics and information management, working conditions, professional training of DLM – Office;

- Involved in the selection and placement DLM – Office, make proposals for faculty dean about promotion and disciplinary penalties on employees DLM – Office, directing them to training for re-training

6. Termination of DLM – Office

6.1. Activities DLM – Office terminated by the order of rector in the manner and on the terms required by the Constitution NTU “KPI” and the current legislation of Ukraine, by decision of the Academic Council of the faculty.

7. Relationships with other departments or organizations

DLM – Office links his works with:

- Post-graduate department of NTUU “KPI”;

- The personnel department of NTUU “KPI”;

- Supervisors of dissertations;

- Scientific Research Center of Applied Sociology “SocioPlus”;

- Institute of postgraduate education NTUU “KPI”;

- Companies and organizations in the region, namely: Institute of cybernetics named after V.M. Glushkov of NAN of Ukraine, DB “Arsenal”, SE “Antonov”, SE of SRI “Quantum”, STC “Elektronpribor”, SE “Kievpribor”, SE of DB “Yuzhnoye” named after M. Yangel, SE “Khartron” and etc;

- Other units of NTUU “KPI” and organizations which are aimed at improving the education system and does not contradict the legislation of Ukraine and internal rules established by the university.