Project Year 1 (Start Phase)

1. Review on structure and content of current doc. programmes; develop and adopt guidelines and a model of new structured doc. programmes
2. Develop teaching materials for 8 new core curricula and 3 transferable modules and on this base a set of curricula and modules. Develop new practice oriented supporting infrastructure
3. Begin to develop, publish and purchase a manual, handbooks and syllabi. Joint web based platform
4. Prepare a set of documentation for DCR/Labs and DLM offices, purchase / install equipment. 

Project Year 2 (Working out Phase)

1. Training courses in EU: Retrain academic teachers/supervisors in new curricula, methodology. Tentatively: 3 retraining courses in new curricula/modules (duration each two or three weeks)
2. Staff training for DLM offices will take place in TUB, prepared and carried out by ECM Office
3. Master Classes: minimum 14 Master Classes on operation of new DCR/labs will be prepared and delivered in target universities. Complete establishing DLM offices with stakeholders support
4. International Doctoral Summer School
Project Year 3 (Final Phase)
1. Pilot teaching /operation: Teaching students in new curricula /modules on new structured doctoral programmes
2. Accredit a set of curricula and modules
3. International Doctoral Summer Schools
4. Pilot operation of DLM offices involving universities and stakeholders outside the project. This activity targets to ensure the sustainable operation.